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Welcome to the ReBoot!

Over a decade ago, I began posting thoughts and essays on a blog site under the domain name, "" I amassed a small but impressive following. As a career in musical performance became a central passion and later a tennis-themed entertainment company that I outfitted called "Tennacity" took shape, I let slide.

While I have some of the original entries, I've decided to reboot and start fresh. One songbird in a dense forest of sound can inspire thought and even change the course of the listener. In turn, the listener can change the course of others with action and in cooperation with others, shape worlds that contribute to our innermost self and contribute to the beauty of the physical world that we have been born into.

So Randolph, Mortimer... "We're back!" Welcome to OzThought. Feel free to comment, subscribe, share, interact, or just read in peace. I thought this vivid watercolor print by my friend Brett Dennen was a perfect cover image for this post. I snapped the photo below of this ever-evolving, wonderfully mysterious ranch house in Ojai, California. Now... let's get some thoughts out!

Yours Truly,


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